About School Types

Understanding Independent Private Schools

Independent private schools in Kansas City are supported by an independent private organization or individuals rather than the government. Independent private schools do not receive public funding so they charge tuition although financial aid may be available. They are open to students regardless of where they live in the Kansas City metro. Students apply for admission to independent private schools which are governed by a board of directors.

Affording an Independent Private School

Tuition at independent private schools in Kansas City varies widely. Some base their tuition on a family’s ability to pay. Many have tuition that is supplemented by the organization. Still others rely on tuition as the main source of funding to cover the expenses of a child’s education. Most independent private schools state their annual tuition amounts on their websites. Many also include other fees and costs that are in addition to tuition. We list the base tuition for all of these schools in our School Finder so you can find them all in one place.

Most independent private schools offer financial aid of some kind and also offer discounts for siblings in the same family.

Apply for Financial Aid

  • Some schools have a pool of money set aside to give families who qualify
  • In most cases you will fill out an extensive financial aid application and share your tax returns from the last two years
  • A committee will decide if you qualify based on your confidential responses
  • There is usually a fee to apply

Inquire About Scholarships

  • Some schools have scholarships to give to students with particular needs or who have special talent
  • Inquire at each individual school in which you are most interested

Tips for Parents

Don’t assume that you can’t afford a school. Talk with the school admissions folks.

Don’t assume that you will not qualify for financial aid. Ask the admissions representative for a range of household income that has received aid in the past.

Ask each school whether you can expect the same amount or percentage of financial aid from year to year.